Monday, July 11, 2011

Mystery Box Challenge # 1 - Reveal

We had success!!  Dinner turned out to be very yummy and something that I would do again.

First I stewed the dry figs with port, water and sugar.  Once that had cooked down for about 20 minute I pureed it to make a jam like consistency.  I also carmalized the onions. 

I butterflied the pork tenderloin and spread the fig jam and onions on it before rolling it up and tying it closed.

For the Orzo dish, Hilary made me some anchovy butter, which I used to sautee the shiitake mushrooms and then wilted the beet greens with them.  I then added some coarsely chopped tomatoes at the end so they would be just warmed, but not cooked through.  I tossed in the cooked orzo and the rest of the anchovy butter.

The sweet of the filling from the pork and the sour from the anchovy butter and greens was a lovely flavour combination.  


  1. Always good when mystery turns into something good and exitment wasn't in vain:) Looks really good;)

  2. Hi Andy:)Just to let you know.I am celebrtaing my 100 followers and having a giveaway of 2 great cookbooks.It si easy to take part and you never know.You might be the lucky one:)