Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cheese Souflé

I decided that I wanted to learn to make a cheese souflé. I read over many different recipes and decided to follow Alton Brown's from the Food Network.

Souflés are very impressive looking, light and airy and tasty.  They also seem very intimidating.  Turns out, they aren't that hard.  Make a basic Béchmel sauce, add cheese, egg yolks and flavouring and fold in whipped egg whites. Pour into buttered ramikins and bake.  The hard part is folding in your egg whites, making sure you get it well incorporated without losing the volume.

For these cheese souflés I used a sharp old cheddar and chives, with some dry mustard and garlic in the Béchmel sauce.  They rose nice and high and browned well.  They did fall almost as soon as they came out of the oven, but they were very light and fluffy on the inside.

I'm glad to have conquered cheese souflés.  Next I would like to try a desert version.


  1. Dessert souffles are nice, but give me a savory one any day. That looks absolutely tasty...

  2. Oh that looks fantastic! I dont think I've ever had any kind of Souffle. What did you eat with it?

  3. I love soufflé, and the flavor you chose sounds divine!